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vitaminwater wet_fam

As a brand active on Twitter, vitaminwater got dozens of requests a day to sponsor fans. Of course, sponsorship is usually reserved for celebrities and tastemakers, but we thought that was both elitist and terribly boring. So, we created a "micro-sponsorship" platform, affectionately naming our fans "wet_fam," and started sponsoring anyone that asked. We sent them swag, gave them digital assets to be our online ambassadors, even sent them money during the pandemic to do with, and post about, as they wanted.

With a loyal base of rabid wettlings established, we then turned our attention to converting other brands' stans to wet
_fam with a series of recruitment videos and online personas to lure them our way.
(Note - These are still being edited and media planned. Insert canned corporate response blaming pandemic, supply chains, etc.)

CD - Daniel Cobb
AD - Robert Hajek

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